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Are Chief Innovation Officers Delivering Results?

Back in the mid-2000s, a new class of senior managers emerged at forward-thinking companies. Often called chief innovation officers, their job was to drive growth and transformation in a systematic way. But almost a decade on, are these leaders delivering the goods?

Driving Innovation in Silicon Valley

I was in Silicon Valley the other day showing my daughter around. She’s graduating from college next month and is thinking of moving there to seek her fame and fortune, or at least an entry level job in a startup.

What Is Your Company’s Return On Innovation?

Today it is no longer good enough for organizations to simply be “innovative” occasionally. Successful companies will need to innovate quickly, constantly, effectively, and comprehensively; developing new products, processes and strategies. The ever-increasing level of competition simply demands it.

Creativity is essential for success in all companies

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), a system driven by innovation, endorses Tucker’s assertion that creativity and innovation are vital to long term success and must be cultivated. “By recognizing and honoring the important role of creativity, and by encouraging people to further develop it, it’s possible to spur innovation at all levels of an organization,” says Robert B. Tucker.

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