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The 6 Hottest Innovation Trends

The Startup Boom, Open Innovation, The Sharing Economy, Crowdsourcing and other developments are changing how we live and work — and practice “innovation.”

Thriving in the Age of Disruption

In 1997, when Harvard professor Clay Christensen first articulated his theory of disruption, the phenomenon was confined to the disk drive industry and a few others. Today, disruption is an ever-present threat to a growing number of industries.

Greetings from the World’s Most Innovative City

Last week during a speaking engagement in Colombia, I had the opportunity to view firsthand the amazing transformation Medellin has undergone from Murder Capital of the world 20 years to being name the World’s Most Innovative City.

Amazon Vs. Apple: Who really is the world’s leading innovator?

The media is always ranking “the most innovative companies”-Forbes does it. Fast Company does it. The Economist Intelligence Unit even does it. But what do innovation rankings really measure and do they help business leaders understand the new rules of innovation?

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