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Driving the Future of Innovation

Decision-makers are being challenged as never before to see what’s next, think ahead of the curve, and avoid being blindsided by accelerating change.

Reclaiming the Vision of a World That Works

The other day I heard about a young man who gave up a promising career in corporate America to become … a professional gambler. You read that right. Top of his class in college, math whiz, highly regarded “quant” with a major US-based corporation, married with young children. And he heeded the clarion call of Las Vegas.

Leadership When the Heat is On

Three years ago, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, was a comedian with a young family and a popular television show. Today he moves around in bunkers, rallying his battered nation, inspiring freedom-lovers the world over.

Six Proven Methods for Creating Powerful Ideas

For years, I’ve been studying the winning habits and personal best practices of leading innovators seeking the secrets of their success. I have had the good fortune to interview some of the greats. Inventors like Dean Kamen; entrepreneurs like Gore-Tex founder Bill Gore; possibility thinkers like Robert Schuller; master teachers like Marva Collins; astronauts like Edgar Mitchell; polio vaccine discoverer Jonas Salk, and many more.

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