Robert B. Tucker shows you and your team how to profit from today’s rapid changes.

With revolutionary changes impacting banks, credit unions, and insurance companies, missing important trends and technologies can be fatal. Futurist and innovation expert Robert B. Tucker inspires financial services leaders to master the art of thinking ahead of the curve. In the interactive and stimulating sessions he leads, Robert shows you and your team how to identify emerging trends, and how to use these changes as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks to achieve asset growth, profitability, and market share. In recent presentations before banking groups, Robert has shared case examples from his study of how leading regional and community banks in the United States are leading the future by disrupting the disruptors. He demonstrates the power of adding value and uniqueness where it matters most — where the customer experiences it. Robert gets the creative juices flowing for differentiating your offerings in whole new ways. He demonstrates the thinking that leads to  “de-commoditizing” every step of the value chain, while discovering new revenue streams. So if you’re ready to stop worrying about innovation and start leading your organization to a brighter, better future, you’re ready for Robert Tucker to have a powerful impact on your organization.

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Experienced Bank and Credit Union Keynote Speaker

Robert has been a keynote speaker and consultant at dozens of banking and credit union conferences. In one of the most ambitious innovation initiatives of its kind, Citibank invited Robert to help the global bank design and implement TeamChallenge in 102 countries. Robert is also a frequent speaker and advisor to smaller main street and regional financial services firms. Recent examples include: Mastercard  LIMRA Discover Card MetLife AIG American Express, Garanti Bank, Istanbul, Turkey KBank Thailand Credit Union Executives Society New York Credit Union League San Diego Credit Union GESA Credit Union Los Angeles Federal Credit Union CUMIS Insurance Canada Pennsylvania Credit Union League Global Credit Services.

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Fintech Trends in Banking 2020

As banks, credit unions and financial institutions of all sorts face the threat of digital disruption, forecasting what the next era of banking might look like – and how to prosper in the new environment – suddenly becomes one of the most important leadership aptitudes an executive can develop. Before my recent keynote presentation at the Illinois Bankers Association annual…
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Robert B. Tucker has brought his practical, inspiring and interactive keynotes to literally thousands of audiences around the world. A former adjunct professor at UCLA and founder of Innovation Resource Consulting Group, Tucker’s highly customized programs have received rave reviews from numerous financial services conference audiences. Among his clients are Citibank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, HSBC, and Mastercard, as well as Qatar National Bank, K-Bank Thailand, and Garanti Bank in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Mr. Tucker’s recent work in the banking sector is focused on preparing leaders for a world of accelerating change and incredible opportunity. Banking associations including Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois have benefited from Tucker’s work. A multi-year winner of the Top Five Speaker Hall of Fame, Tucker’s seven books on leadership in times of disruptive change have been translated into over 20 languages.

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