Did you attend Dirk Beveridge’s WD Unleash conference in Chicago? If not, you missed a fantastic opportunity to explore the future of wholesale-distribution. Among folks I spoke with, the sense was that this industry has been talking about “facing the forces of change” for years – and not a lot has changed. But today, all these changes are coming home to roost and not everybody will survive what’s coming.

This is where a futurist in addition to an economist could be of value. I study industry change, disruption, and innovation. And I help leaders and their companies prepare for discontinuous change. My premise is that businesses and their leaders will rise or fall based on their ability to anticipate and creatively respond to rapid change.

My keynote on “Driving Growth Through Innovation” might be the perfect addition to your upcoming meeting. It’s all about successes and messes in the wider economy, and how to translate threats to your business model into new opportunities, new markets, new ways of leading change. Hint: it isn’t easy, but it is possible!

If you want to consider inviting me to do a customized version of “Driving Growth Through Innovation” to your important meeting, please complete the form below. Or call me at (805) 682-1012 ext. 12 and let’s explore.

    “Whatever your position, profession, or industry, improving your ability to innovate – to problem solve, experiment, collaborate, and drive growth – will give you a competitive edge that can never be taken away.”
    – Robert B. Tucker