By Robert B. Tucker

Have you ever wished there was a way to spice up those important – but often boring – panel discussions at your big meeting? Now there is.

Recently some of your fellow meeting professionals have retired that drab, draped table with the squeaky microphones and the hunched over panelists. Instead, they have introduced an exciting new format, produced and hosted by Robert B. Tucker, that we refer to as “The Intelligent Talk Show.” Result: Good-by snoresville. Hello packed house.

With the Intelligent Talk Show format:

  • Panelists become “guests” on a “live” show and are more animated, lively and better prepared to get their message across
  • Guests are more willing to tackle the tough issues that create industry buzz, and keep attendees coming back next year
  • The “talk show” often shows up in meeting evaluations as the highlight of the entire conference
  • “Facilitating the Face-Off at our Baltimore conference between end users and service providers was powerful.” IDRC
  • “Your talk show event, The Power Hour, has been the talk of the town.” — WestCoast Energy Inc.

The talk show format is easy to pull off. Here’s how it works:

  • Guests on the “show” are selected by you and your program committee
  • Using your existing general session stage set, a talk show format can be easily arranged. A desk for host Robert Tucker and leather chairs can be added to create a cozy, intimate environment for the dialogue
  • Some clients even add “commercial breaks” to create excitement
  • Well in advance of the conference, Robert Tucker chats with each guest to zero in topics of most interest to the audience, and to coach each guest on the most creative and entertaining way of conveying the guest’s message points
  • “The keynote was inspiring and the talk show a big success!” – NAAM, the International Music Products Association