Innovation Workshop Master Classes
By Robert B. Tucker

Building Capability for Breakthrough Innovation Performance

In these practical, highly customized two and three-day innovation workshops, Robert Tucker guides you and your team through a step-by-step process of developing innovation capability in your company to drive growth, differentiation and competitive advantage. Using Tucker’s Five Best Practices of the Global Innovation Vanguard Companies he has studied, Tucker helps you identify what you and your organization must do to create and implement a systematic, sustainable process of innovation to out-think and out-perform the competition. He argues that in the Vanguard Firms, “innovation” is a core strategic imperative and is driven from the top. He works with you to establish criteria and define innovation uniquely to your organization’s needs. He shows how to adapt the Tucker Innovation Model to create your firm’s innovation process, including a robust Front End of Innovation, and an idea selection process that winnows and sorts ideas entering your funnel on their way to implementation. The Vanguard Firms all Collaborate Deeply with Customers, and in this module, participants learn how to meet and anticipate the unmet and unarticulated needs of their customers, and how to enter new markets with new business models and value propositions that disrupt existing players. Using a comprehensive and proprietary Innovation Climate Survey adapted to your firm, Tucker delves deeply into the issue of your present culture and helps you master the essential elements necessary to Cultivate a Culture of Risk-taking, and how to Make Innovation Everybody’s Business.
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