The Economist Innovation Summit 2017 | Innovation Events

Today marks the first day of The Economist 2017 Innovation Summit, a yearly seminar hosted by The Economist Magazine and geared towards helping businesses thrive in an ever-changing world. This year, the event is being held at the Westin Chicago River North Hotel in Chicago, Illinois from February 28-30.

What to Expect for Those Attending the Innovation Summit

This year’s summit features a diverse table of speakers that will be providing insights on how companies can maintain their value proposition in this utterly data-driven world. Part of this lies in teaching companies how to process, integrate, and proliferate the data that is already at their disposal so that they can better relate to, and serve, their customers.

As this process takes place within a company, that company may need to reforge old relationships into new ones, establish new technological processes from the ground up, or learn how to outsource some of its key operations to other firms.

At the Innovation Summit, editors of the Economist are going to be asking leading world business players and intellectuals about how they have seen these data-driven changes impacting their businesses firsthand and how they responded in kind to those changes with positive action.

Here is a small taste of the prominent speakers that will be in attendance:

  • Hugh Grant–CEO, Monsanto Company
  • Brian Behlendorf–Executive Director of Apache Software Foundation
  • Jamie Miller–CEO, GE Transportation

A Look at the Daily Schedule

The Innovation Summit covers the space of three days this year because there is so much to get through, but you should expect to be profoundly enlightened and enthralled with all of the material.

Each day, there will be between six and seven hours of seminar spanning various topics like tech advancement, customer centrism, and artificial intelligence in the workplace. In between these times, expect to take meal breaks where you can sit with some of the leading company heads in the country and look at their business tactics firsthand via discussion panels.

Besides that, there will be a few short 30-minute periods where you can network with others who are at the summit and each day will officially run from about 8AM-6:30PM.

The insights provided at this Summit will be invaluable in helping your business succeed in the 21st century. If you are interested in learning more about the yearly event, or would like to receive news regarding the summit take a look at this link.