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“Whatever your position, profession, or industry, improving your ability to innovate – to problem solve, experiment, collaborate, and drive growth – will give you a competitive edge that can never be taken away.”
– Robert B. Tucker


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In these fast moving times, it’s difficult to keep a person’s attention, let alone a salesperson’s. Robert not only captivated our Ad Sales Group with his marketing insights and anecdotes; he spurred further thought that will lead to hard and fast sales.


Lisabeth Hayes

Senior Vice President / Ad Sales
Home & Garden Television

Your presentation was outstanding. The group is still buzzing about it. Your knowledge and insights into this subject is extraordinary. I assure you we will act on a number of the ideas you presented. You were effective in educating and energizing our team. Many thanks for helping make this management summit successful for Hollander and for me.

Mark Eichhorn

Chief Executive Officer
Hollander Sleep Products, LLC

Your presentation was very well received… attendees have been asking for the slides.

Missouri Bankers Association

Max Cook

President & CEO
Missouri Bankers Association